The Best Activities for Your First Trip to Maui

Snorkeling At Turtle Town
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When you book a stay at vacation rentals in Maui, you have a limited time to make the most of your Hawaiian visit. Here we list the best activities for your first trip to Maui to ensure you enjoy the full Maui experience.

Hit the Best Beaches

There are plenty of beaches in Maui, with 120 miles of coastline. You’re sure to find exceptionally beautiful spots to add to your list just a short drive from condo rentals in Maui. Kapalua Beach is located in northwest Maui, offering a protected cove with calm waters, ideal for SUP enthusiasts, swimmers, and snorkelers. If you want special encounters with Maui nature, the golden sands at Keawakapu Beach are great for snorkeling and sea turtle spotting.

Whale Watching

Whale Lookout is a short drive from popular rental properties in Maui located along the west coast. When visiting Maui between November and May, you can increase your whale sightings, especially at peak mid-January through March. At this time of year, many tourists claim to spot whales every few minutes from this idyllic, high-traffic area popular during migration season.

Attend a Local Luau

Less than a 20-minute drive from many desirable condo rentals in West Maui, the authentic Old Lahaina Luau offers live performances by fire dancers, spectacular traditional Hawaiian food, and an open bar with stunning views of the Maui sunset.

Sunrise, Sunset

Maui is known for its spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Although a trek to the top of Haleakala allows you to welcome the new day above the clouds, it also requires an extremely early rise and long drive. It’s much easier to grab front seats for sunset views from Lahaina Pali Trail, Hanakao’o Beach Park, or Kapalua Bay. It’s also a lot more romantic.

Walk the Kapalua Coastal Trail

If you want an easy trek that doesn’t take up too much time, the Kapalua Coastal Trail is ideal. It takes you through some of Maui’s most notable natural features, including tidepools, Kapalua Bay Beach, and stunning coastal views. It covers a nice mix of flip-flop and sneaker-friendly boardwalks, sidewalks, sand, and rocks. Don’t miss out on taking in the beauty of the Dragon’s Teeth at Makalua-puna Point. The trachyte lava erosion creates the illusion of “pointed teeth,” at least for those with a good imagination.

Shop at Lahaina

If you love shopping, west Maui’s Lahaina has an excellent assortment of shops, restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, and souvenir shops. Shop in the morning and enjoy a nice lunch or a yummy serving of shaved ice under the ginormous Banyan Tree that has graced the town since 1873.

Snorkel or Surf

Snorkeling at Turtle Town includes swimming with sea turtles, while Honolulu Bay is a quiet cove where you can experience encounters with a wide variety of fish. Surfing is another activity enjoyed at plenty of Maui beaches, whether you are a newbie looking for gentle waves or a “Big Kahuna” who confidently masters pounding surf.

No matter what you choose to do during your visit, Sullivan Properties makes sure your stay is comfortable. Book one of our luxury condos and enjoy all Maui has to offer!