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Renting A Resort In Napili Bay
When it comes to planning a vacation , there are many factors to consider before renting a resort . These can include the location, cost, amenities, and overall atmosphere of the resort. What To Keep In Mind Before Renting Location is often the first thing...Read more
Kahana Beach
Kahana is a small community located on the western coast of Maui . It is known for its beautiful beaches and secluded, laid-back atmosphere. While it may not have the bustling nightlife or tourist crowds of larger towns like Lahaina or Kihei , Kahana has...Read more
Maui Sightseeing Trip
Maui is a popular destination for tourists looking to experience the natural beauty of Hawaii . From its lush rainforests and waterfalls to its pristine beaches and world-renowned surf spots , there is no shortage of things to see and do on this tropical island...Read more
If you're planning a trip to Maui , you might be wondering whether it's best to book your accommodations directly through the property management company or through a third-party online travel agency ( OTA ). While there are benefits to both options, booking directly with...Read more
Maui Bubble Run
Things are starting to open up on Maui. We recently welcomed back the Maui Marathon and Sentry Tournament of Champions Golf Tournaments in Kapalua. Our residents and visitors are now enjoying art nights, music concerts, surfing competitions, farmers markets, and much more exciting things that...Read more
sullivan properties donation bags
Giving back is an important piece of our business at Sullivan Properties in West Maui. Sullivan Properties recently partnered with Maui Rescue Mission and Lahaina Baptist Church to provide food for the homeless on Maui. The team at Sullivan Properties provided the homeless with cooler...Read more
Top 5 Beaches on Maui | Maui Resorts Vacation Rentals
Looking for the best beaches on Maui? We have put together a list of our favorites and some additional information to help you pick the perfect one!Read more
History of the Lu'au | Maui Blog | Sullivan Properties
Before the lu’au was called lu’au, the name of a traditional feast enjoyed by a group of people in Hawaii was ‘aha’aina. The term ‘aina meaning land, signifies the connection of the food to the land from which it originated. ‘Aha translates to gathering. An...Read more
Mango Season on Maui | Maui Vacation Blog | Maui Resorts
The time is near! The perfect, juicy, sweet and most delicious time of the year...Mango season! It is difficult to trace the date of introduction as there are a number different lines of evidence and interpretations encountered.Read more
Whale Watching Maui | Maui Info | Sullivan Properties
We’re so happy to share that our humpback whales are back home on Maui in numbers. Yesterday we were given these photos from Maui Kayak Adventures from their morning kayak trip.Read more