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History of the Lu'au | Maui Blog | Sullivan Properties
Before the lu’au was called lu’au, the name of a traditional feast enjoyed by a group of people in Hawaii was ‘aha’aina. The term ‘aina meaning land, signifies the connection of the food to the land from which it originated. ‘Aha translates to gathering. An...Read more
Mango Season on Maui | Maui Vacation Blog | Maui Resorts
The time is near! The perfect, juicy, sweet and most delicious time of the year...Mango season! It is difficult to trace the date of introduction as there are a number different lines of evidence and interpretations encountered.Read more
Halekala Volcano | Maui Volcano | Maui Resorts
Although there has been no activity for centuries, scientists are consistently monitoring potential eruption activity on Haleakala. There have been at least 10 eruptions on Haleakala during the last 1,000 years and numerous ones in the last 10,000 years, but none recently. Haleakala is still...Read more